Strategic Environmental and Habitats Regulation Assessment

On 30 Mar 2018 the draft (v.08) Quarndon Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) was submitted to AVBC to be screened for Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA).

The screening was conducted by Lepus Consulting, who AVBC appointed to carry out the task.  In mid-June 2018 Lepus reported their conclusions, supported by Historic England, Natural England and the Environment Agency, that formal SEA and HRA screening should not be required.  Historic England proposed strengthening protection in the NDP for “non-designated” heritage and archaeological assets; this was addressed by a minor revision to version 09 of the NDP.

The screening report can be found on the AVBC website here.

Note that, as of 4 Jul 2018,  AVBC still need to publish their “determination” to conclude the outcome of the screening process and that the screening report does not form part of the “Regulation 14” consultation process, so AVBC are not inviting comments.