Quarndon Neighbourhood Plan Documents

The Neighbourhood Plan comprises three documents:

  • The Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP), containing the planning policies
  • The Consultation Statement, containing the evidence to support the policies
  • The Basic Conditions Statement, showing how the Plan is legally compliant

On 9 Nov 2018 the “Submission Version” of all three documents was accepted by AVBC and on the same date they launched their consultation and examination process.  The AVBC consultation is open until 21 Dec 2018.  Details in this AVBC leaflet: QNP Leaflet  

The Quarndon Neighbourhood Plan carries legal weight from the date on which AVBC accepted the submission (9 Nov 2018) and should be considered when deciding planning application in the Parish.  

The submitted documents are linked below:

  • Neighbourhood Development Plan for the Parish of Quarndon (version 10): Quarndon NDP
  • Basic Conditions Statement for the Parish of Quarndon NDP: Quarndon BCS
  • Consultation Statement for the Parish of Quarndon NDP: Quarndon CS

The Pre-Submission (Regulation 14) Consultation version of the NDP was version v.09 and is available for reference here: NDP – v.09   The Regulation 14 consultation period ran from 4 July to 15 August 2018 and the submission versions of the documents above have incorporated revisions as necessary to address the feedback received in the Regulation 14 consultation process.