AVBC Draft Local Plan 2016

Amber Valley Borough Council are preparing a new Local Plan to cover the period to 2028.  The Plan is called the Local Plan 2016 and is going through the various stages of consultation and approval.  Details can be found on AVBC’s website here:


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The “Pre-Submission” draft of the Local Plan 2016 was available for public comment for a period of 6 weeks to 14 Dec 2017.  This version has taken into account the views expressed by Quarndon Parish Council, the QNPSG, and many Quarndon residents, with the result that Quarndon has been (correctly) repositioned in the “Settlement Hierarchy” as an “Other Village”.  This means that Quarndon should be less of a target for housing development than it would have been as a “Key Village” as designated in the 2017 previous Local Plan 2016 draft, for which consultation closed on 24 April 2017.

The Objectives and Policies in this latest draft of the Local Plan are generally supported by the QNPSG.  However, a few concerns with the detail of the wording and a new area definition in the “Settlement Hierarchy” introduced at this draft of the plan of “Derby (edge of urban area within Amber Valley)” prompted comments from the QNPSG, which were submitted to AVBC on 13 Dec 2017.  If anyone wishes to see further detail please email: sec@quarndon-np.co.uk

The QNPSG response to the initial draft of the AVBC Local Plan 2016 (in April 2017) in both MS Word and .pdf formats is linked below and may be copied as a basis for individual responses as required:

QNP – MS Word Response to AVBC Draft Local Plan 2016  This link will download the Word document to your computer – when you open the download, you may need to change the view to “Print Layout” to see the QNP response text in each section.

QNP – PDF Response to AVBC Draft Local Plan 2016